8 Tips for Making your Property Safer and More Secure

No matter what type of household you live in, shared housing, single apartment, with your extended family in a home, etc., keeping yourself, your loved ones and your possessions protected from a possibly burglary is essential to living with peace of mind. At A Creative Property Management, we have decades of experience handling every aspect of property management. A large part of our services involves keeping the property safe from intruders, so we know exactly how to go about keeping any type of property safe and secure. Please read on for some of our simplest tips and tricks to keep you and your property safer and more secure.

1. Check the Security of your Windows

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is partly due to its simplicity that makes many homeowners or apartment dwellers forget this important step in securing your home. Go around to every window in your home and inspect to make sure the windows are locked, and that the locking mechanism is strong and functioning properly. If you have screens on the outside of your windows, make sure they are secured and free from tears or gashes.

2.Inspect the Weak Points of your Doors

As with your windows, inspect any doors in your home that lead to the outside, and make sure the locks and latches are locked tightly, and that the door itself seems strong and level.

3. Keep Outdoors Well Lit

When most people see a home that looks dark and abandoned, they may not think much about this, but a burglar will see this as an opportunity. If you have outdoor lights already installed, as most homes do, keep them lit once the sun sets. Make sure eco-friendly bulbs are installed. By keeping your property lit, it will be clear to outsiders that someone is at home, which will deter a potential burglar.

4. Install Timers

This goes with the previous tip. If you are to be away from your home for a night or more, installing timers is essential. You can connect a timer to your lights and appliances, and set it so that your household and outdoor lights switch on and off at appropriate times, creating the illusion that someone is home.

5. Follow a Security Routine with Household Members

If you live with housemates or family, it’s a great idea to have a chat and construct a plan for keeping your shared living space safe from intruders. This can involve creating a routine all household members must follow whenever they leave the house, i.e. – lock up behind you, ensure timers are set, etc.

6. Keep Local Resources Posted

For the good of yourself and your household members, keep a list posted on the refrigerator of the local police department phone number, the number for the local community watch and contact them for tips concerning your particular neighborhood.

7. Meet your Neighbors

If you haven’t done so yet, keeping even a casual acquaintance with your neighbors can help make your home, and theirs, safer. You can compare notes to see if anything fishy is going on in your area, and agree to keep an eye on one another’s properties whenever you pass by. We can promise you that you are not the only one who wants to stay safe and secure. 

8. Install a Security System

This is really only for those who can fit it in their budget. A home security system is usually rather expensive, but it is the all-inclusive way to ensure your property is protected. If a home security system does not fit into your budget, following the steps above is certainly an excellent way to keep your home safe and secure, and to help you keep your guard up.