5 Reasons Hiring a Good Property Manager Will Make Owning Property Less Stressful

When you own property, there are plenty of things you need to think about to ensure that your property is properly maintained. The type of work you have to put into your property, or properties, is in itself a full time job. Is that something you have time for? At A Creative Property Management, maintaining and managing properties is our life. We know what it takes to own property and make it work for you, and we believe the best thing a property owner can do is to work with a knowledgeable property manager to handle their property.

  • Shorter Vacancy Periods

With the retention of a great property manager, you can be assured that your property will remain vacant for a shorter span of time. Property managers have the skills and tools to use advertising to their advantage, making more prospective tenants aware of the property. When the property is ready to be advertised, property managers also ensure that it is squeaky clean and has undergone any repairs that were needed, so that the possible renters will be impressed with what they see. And the less time your property is vacant, the better condition it will be in, as the property will not be sitting untenanted.

  • Better Quality Tenants

A good property manager is also educated in screening prospective tenants. They can run a variety of thorough background checks pertaining to the tenant’s work history, financial history, as well as criminal background should they have one. This means your property will be in the hands of respectable tenants who appreciate the property and make sure it is well cared for.

  • Best Connections to Local Services

Your property will need a skilled team to keep it up and running. It is all about protecting your investment. This includes house cleaners for when the property is newly vacated and preparing to be put up for rent, lawn care professionals, plumbers and technicians for household repairs, etc. As a property owner, this can be an extremely daunting prospect. Property managers already know the best local companies to tackle these issues, and often times can even hire them at a discounted rate.

  • Rent Collection

When it comes to making sure the tenants renting your property are paying their rent on time, it may feel awkward for some to collect. Also, how do you go about it – setting up an account for automatic payments? Physically going around and collecting checks or cash? It can be confusing. But when you have a good property manager working for you, it is up to them to handle all rent collection. If a tenant is behind on paying rent, the property manager will follow measures to make sure the tenant not only pays their rent, but also any late fees. In a similar fashion, property managers also make sure the tenant is taking care and respecting the property in general and will periodically schedule inspections of the property inside and out.

  • Increase the Value of the Property

This is really the hallmark of what property managers do – putting in preventive measures to make sure your property is maintained and always shown in its best light when vacant. Additionally, property managers understand local codes, insurance issues, taxes, and what needs to be upgraded (when necessary), so you are always aware of the deeper issues involved with owning property. Good property managers will not only keep you in the loop about these issues, but will also handle taking care of them. The value of your property will continue to build.

These are just a handful of reasons why a good property manager will make owning property less stressful. You want your property to increase in value, not lose value, and that is precisely what property managers are skilled with. They can handle everything from keeping the vacant property clean and maintained, make sure quality tenants are interested in the property, screen prospective tenants, ensure the property is cared for once it is tenanted, and that rent is collected in a timely manner.

At A Creative Property Management, we take away the stress of owning property by handling all of the details associated with property management ourselves. No matter what type of property management services you are interested in, we have a program tailored for you and your needs, at the very best rates available. We are the best property managers in Orange County, and we hope to talk to you soon. For more information on how we can help you, call us today at 714-842-8080.